"More Videos" Area Below Each Video

A simple but useful feature was added today. Below every video, a new "More Videos" area appears with more videos to see: Click here to view »

Small Improvements 3

Here are some more small improvements that were not mentioned in a blog post: We added a note on the volunteer system to make clear the »

Volunteer Mailing List Set Up

We now have a formal Mailing list set up for the volunteers to communicate. We are using Mailgun technology, which will allow us to deeply customize »

Random Videos

Random videos! It's a really cool and simple feature. Every time you enter the main Ocean of Wisdom Page, 10 random videos will appear, below the »

New Twitter Account

We now have our Twitter Account! We were able to claim the @OceanOfWisdom handle that had been registered back in 2010 by someone else. We will »

Mantra Recordings Available

We are pleased to announce a new online teaching category on Ocean of Wisdom: mantra recordings! We added 36 recordings, all chanted by Lama Kalsang Nyima, »

Lama Kalsang Nyima Added

Our dear resident Lama from Mexico has joined Ocean of Wisdom! You can view his profile on the site here and learn more about him. Soon »

Videos Pages Optimized Google SC

Continuing with our SEO (Search Engine Optimization), further changes were made to the way our watch-video page behaves. As many of you had noticed, all videos »

Video Title Enhancements

This post explains some technical enhancements and some user experience enhancements. The technical enhancements are hard to explain and might be boring for you, but are »